Getting Started

Hello! My name is Josh and I’ve been working on this RPG project for over ten years. So far I’ve been content to work on it silently, but as it gets closer to completion I realize that I need to actually start putting my work out there for others to see. It’s a daunting prospect and the introvert in me is being dragged kicking and screaming as I type this. But I think Tangent Space is worth it, and I hope whoever stumbles across it thinks so, too.

Tangent Space was inspired by a long line of science fiction spanning books, movies, television, and video games. I’ve always had a love for strange alien beings, epic space battles, interstellar politics, and the idea of exploring the vast unknown reaches. Tangent Space is my attempt to take all the things I love about science fiction and condense it all into a pen and paper roleplaying game system of my own creation.

Tangent Space is a game that emphasizes storytelling, though it provides the mechanics necessary to have fun and dynamic battles without bogging the players and game master down with excess math. Tangent Space is meant to be simple to pick up for new players, but to also offer increasing complexity and customization for veterans. Tangent Space uses a d12 for the primary rolls and the strength of skills is measured in d6s. The system does not use levels, rather experience is spent on acquiring and upgrading skills. My hope is that this will make it easier for new players to join existing games. Character classes are fluid, allowing players to customize their classes with the skills of their choosing, or even switch them out as needed. In Tangent Space, the class does not define the skills, but rather the exact opposite. Tangent Space also includes a crafting system complete with mechanics for new item invention. By combining customizable skillsets, classes, and equipment, players can truly make characters that are uniquely their own.

Not only will there be character mechanics, but also mechanics for vehicles and starships. My goal is to make the space aspect of the game just as fun and simple to pick up and play as the character based sections. After all, the Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon are every bit as iconic in their universes as Captain Kirk and Han Solo. Smaller vehicles are usually operated entirely by a single pilot, but a crew of players will need to work together to operate larger starships.

There is so much more to show and tell, but I think I’ll leave it here for now. I hope that if you’ve read this far your interest has been piqued and that you’ll check back again when I have new information to post. Follow me on Twitter @TangentSpaceRPG to know when I’ve posted something new