The Universe & The Mind

Here is an explanation of the nature of the universe in Tangent Space in relation to the emergence of intelligent life and the discovery of psionic abilities. I’ll admit it’s a bit philosophical, but I feel that it gives a good feeling for the role psionics plays in the setting.

What we call The Universe is an equilibrium of matter and energy, and the rules of time and space it follows. The equilibrium is fixed. One reaction leading to the next. All conserved in a predictable, unchangeable sum of what is. A Universe that is infinitely defined with an unchangeable continuity. And yet, the only difference between what is and what could be is the order in which the components of the Universe fall.

Is it possible for something infinitely defined by unbreakable rules to create something that is not bound by those same rules? Life is born within the confines of the Universe, evolving into ever more aware forms until a spark of something emerges that defies definition: The Mind. The mind can comprehend the equilibrium, can use the Universe’s rules to influence the order in which the components fall. Yet the mind itself is not bound by the equilibrium, which can only manifest what is. The mind is able to peer beyond the wall of what is and see the infinite sea of possibility that exists beyond. Psionics are the power of the mind to climb over that wall and influence the Universe from beyond its rules.

What if the mind is not a means for the universe to know itself? What if, instead, it is a means for the universe to break free of itself?