Character Background

During character creation, players define the character’s background information. This involves a series of roll charts that highlight significant events in the character’s past. Many of these results are left intentionally vague, as it is up to the player and GM to define the specifics of these events. This part of character creation is meant to make characters feel more alive, rather than spontaneously coming into existence from nothing.



The base mechanics of RPGs are dependent on character attributes. There are 5 attributes in Tangent Space: Vigor, Dexterity, Intellect, Willpower, and Agility. Each one of these attributes is associated with a modifier: Melee, Ranged, Tech, Psi, and Initiative. Attributes come from the character’s race, though they are adjusted during character creation. Attributes are carefully controlled in this game, and they are never permanently changed after character creation has been completed.


Factions – Part 2

And here is the remainder of the factions in Tangent Space!

Factions – Part 1

Here we go! The first half of the factions! This is all WIP content and could potentially change at any time. The faction symbols are placeholders. Let me know what you think!

Galaxy Map

Here is a sneak peak of the galaxy in the Earth year 2550! Using the Tangent Drive, the diameter of the galaxy can be traversed in less than four months. Exploration and adventure are big themes for Tangent Space, so it made sense to make the whole galaxy available for players to get lost in. Only the major systems are labeled on the map, which represent only a tiny fraction of the Tangent Space universe.

TS Galaxy Map