Specialization: Soldier

After a long and busy silence, I finally have something to show you all! Here is a preview of the Soldier, the first of many specializations players can choose from when creating their character. The idea is for players to have printed copies of their three chosen specializations in front of them during play. This will serve as a quick and easy reference for players rather than passing the rulebook around all the time.

Specializations are where you spend experience points, leveling them up from 1 to 7 during the game. The circles next to the abilities represent full, half, and free actions. Passive traits will be represented with a star (soldiers don’t have any). The three letter code in brackets is the attribute that must be rolled when using the ability. All specializations utilize one of five special resources: Surge (being damaged), Combo (successful offense), Riposte (successful defense), Clarity (successful support), and Focus (skipping turns). Resources are constantly being accumulated and spent during combat.

The mechanics and descriptions may and probably will change in the future, and any images used are placeholders. I look forward to showing off more specs soon!

Specialization - Soldier.png