Status Report!

You might be wondering why I went radio silent for so long. I just finished the first real playtest of Tangent Space! It ran for about six weeks and finished this weekend. It felt great to see the mechanics working in real time and watching the players have fun breaking the system as players tend to do. Now I’m compiling all the feedback and making plans for the many revisions that need to take place. A lot of it is minor tweaks and clarifications. One of the biggest jobs will be a pass on character specializations and the associated resources. While I like most of how they worked, there are some big flaws in the system that need to be addressed. The next playtest will include exotic specializations along with vehicles and ships! Suffice to say, I’ll be very busy for the next few months. I’ll post snippets of what I’m working on here from time to time, so look forward to that! My goal is to have the revisions completed sometime in January, at which point another playtest will commence!