Specializations: Version 2

I finally completed the revisions on the character specializations! Here are all 30 of the specs in Tangent Space. A specialization serves to offer special abilities to characters beyond the default actions anyone can perform. Each specialization uses one of four resource types in order to perform actions: Focus, Power, Combo, or Riposte. Specs have an innate ability and four additional abilities that can be acquired by characters and upgraded through bronze, silver, and gold versions. Most characters will have two specializations, though character creation offers options to start with a third. It is also possible to acquire new specializations throughout the course of the game. These versions should be even more fun to mix and match than before!

As usual, the images are only placeholders and do not represent the art style of the Tangent Space final product. This is probably not the final revision specializations will go through, but I’m quite happy with how they turned out so far. I’ve also provided a PDF version for those that want to browse through them all in a single file. I would love to hear feedback on these or any other part of the project!

PDF – Tangent Space Specializations