Galactic Timeline

I decided to put together the timeline for Tangent Space. Up until now, this has existed only in a nebulous state in my brain. Having it in a tangible place should make writing the lore of the setting much easier! I understand that not everything will make sense just looking at it, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to share it anyway. Of course, this could change as I work on the lore, but here is the general history I’m working with. Have a look if you’re curious!

Tangent Space Timeline PDF


Map Update

In preparation of the next playtest (which includes starship mechanics) I’ve updated the map of known space! Each dot represents an important star system, and each diamond represents a capital system. There are many more star systems in this area of the galaxy that aren’t shown on the map, so there’s plenty of room for the introduction of new places and adventures. Developing colonies, primitive alien races, ancient ruins from the previous age, and whatever else you could think of. The colored areas represent space that has been surveyed and claimed by one of the three major factions. The lines between star systems represent subspace conduits generated by paired transit stations that accelerate travel along their paths. Because the conduits are used as trade lanes, pirates are known to lay in wait along them, hoping to ambush unwary travelers. The uncolored area is the unexplored and unclaimed Frontier where pioneers and freelancers seek their fortunes. A few frontier systems have thrived and formed their own independent nations. Each grid square is a sector, which is used to determine travel time based on the number of sectors between you and your destination. Better drives mean less traveling downtime!

Tangent Space - Map of Known Space.png