Map of Known Space v2

The map has been updated once again! This time with even more detail and a whole new superpower on the galactic scene. I decided that the Star League was too much of a solid blob, so this map emphasizes the multi-faceted nature of the alliance while offering ways for those that want to avoid League space to skirt along the edges. I put an uninhabited part of the galaxy right in the middle of League space where few worlds can sustain life, yet might serve as a haven for the galaxy’s criminal elements.

The overwhelming dominance of the Hegemony is also front and center here, as is the more clearly defined Contested Zone that separates the old enemies from one another. Residing across a starless region known as The Traverse is the Frontier, which is now shown as its own mostly unexplored arm of the galaxy, alongside the mysterious clone empire Ad Infinitum.

The Azure Nebula is avoided by most as ships tend to disappear without a trace. Intrepid adventurers may discover ruins from ancient civilizations and untold dangers that lurk in the forgotten places. Further along the galactic disc resides the Far Reaches, where proximity to the Hegemony and distance from civilization prevent all but the boldest from exploring.

Tangent Space - Map of Known Space V2.png