Status Update 11/12/17

I’m still alive! Work has been progressing on Tangent Space and I’ve made several significant improvements to the game’s mechanics.



As mentioned before, specializations are gone and have been replaced with skills. I was also dissatisfied with how front-loaded most character building decisions were. Players don’t usually know what they want to do with a character until they’ve been playing them for a while. To that end, the merit system has also been replaced. Instead, skills are now mastered by using them during the game.

Characters can use any skill they have mastered the prerequisite for. Basic skills can be used and can stockpile experience regardless of prerequisites, but cannot be mastered without the prerequisite. This allows players to experiment with different skills and naturally gravitate towards the play style they most enjoy.

Whenever a skill succeeds, it gets 1 experience point. Whenever a skill fails, it gets 2 experience points. A critical failure grants a whopping 3 experience points! We learn more from our mistakes!

Basic skills require 5 experience points to master, and all other skills require 10. Spending downtime scenes training is the only way to build experience for passive skills. This makes passive choices far more meaningful as they are not as easily acquired as usable skills.


Dice Pools

The base action resolution mechanic now involves rolling a number of d12 and selecting one of them to calculate success or failure.

Skills you haven’t mastered only get to roll a single d12. Skills you have mastered get an additional d12 added to the pool. If the skill category is your specialty, you get one more d12 added to the pool. That means skills mastered in your specialty have a dice pool of 3d12 by default!¬†This way, characters can have a level of confidence in the skills they know they are good at, but have a lot more uncertainty about skills they haven’t practiced.

Each strike against your Life or Mind lowers your dice pool by 1d12, simulating the rising difficulty of performing actions while wounded or mentally imposed. Spending a point of Luck allows you to temporarily add an additional d12 to your pool during an action roll. There are other temporary effects from skills and environmental conditions that can add or subtract from the dice pool as well.


Preview PDFs

Have a look at the PDF previews below for the current state of skills and the most recent character sheet. As usual, any images used are placeholders and do not represent the artwork that will be included in the completed product.

Tangent Space – Skills

Tangent Space – Character Sheet v5