Latest Draft

In the hopes of getting more awesome feedback on the project, I’ve compiled the latest working draft of the game into a PDF. Chapters 1 through 3 are in a mostly finished state. Chapters 4 and 5 still need to be written and are not included.

As with everything I’ve shown so far, all artwork is only a placeholder and will not be part of the finished product.

Check out the links below and let me know what you think:

Tangent Space – Rulebook Draft – June 2017

Tangent Space – Character Sheet

Tangent Space – Vehicle & Ship Sheet

RULE CHANGE: Armor Piercing damage now deals normal damage to Armor values. If the damage is completely absorbed by the Armor, the damage removes the target’s lowest available Endurance value. If the target has no Endurance values left, the target takes a strike against their Life. Barrier Piercing damage now ignores Barrier values altogether. These changes also apply to Vehicle and Starship tiers.

NOTE: The cost for adding modules to equipment is missing. Each module costs 25% of the equipment’s base cost.

Specializations v4

Based on some recent feedback I’ve received, the specializations and associated skills have received a fourth major pass! I’m taking my time with them to make sure they’re done right. However, I wanted to show an example of how things have changed. Therefore, behold! The new Scientist specialization:

Specialization Example v4 - Scientist.png

I have planned for a total of 15 specializations (5 each from Military, Technical, and Psionic categories), which is a significant reduction from before. However, each specialization has an innate skill and six skills that characters can rank up during play. This increases the versatility of each spec and makes it easier to give them a unique conceptual feel. Most skills will have a variety of ways they can be used, including a bonus effect granted at the maximum skill rank.

Quick Update

This is just a quick update to let everyone know what I’ve been up to lately!

Progress on the first draft of the core rulebook is coming along nicely! The characters chapter is pretty much finished, and that was one of the biggest and most complicated sections of the book. I’ve got the basics of the mechanics listed in the introduction chapter and I’m gearing up to put together the vehicles and starships chapter.

I even managed to update the character sheet and the vehicle/starship sheet! Links to the PDF files provided below:

Tangent Space – Character Sheet v2

Tangent Space - Character Sheet v2_Page_1

Tangent Space – Vehicle & Ship Sheet 

Tangent Space - Vehicle & Ship Sheet_Page_1


Map of Known Space v3

I updated the map again! Yes, I know. I can’t leave well enough alone.

I altered the dimensions of the image to fit well on a two page spread. I also shrunk the size of the sector grid to better fit the scale of the galactic quadrant. There are a few more named regions of space and a few cosmetic changes.

One big change you’ll notice is that I left the Hegemony vague this time. While working on the game, I realized that the Hegemony is such a large and complex part of the setting that it is just too much to manage right now with the level of detail that it deserves. It was a tough decision, but I will be saving the details of the Hegemony for another time. The Hegemony and the Zauriim are still in the game, but they will have to remain mysterious for now. When I do approach the Hegemony sometime down the line, it will be fleshed out with all planets, races, and factions it contains.

Tangent Space - Map of Known Space V3

The Races of Tangent Space

I’m finally ready to present the races of Tangent Space! They’ve been compiled into the current format for the first draft of the book. You can find them all in the PDF linked below. The Elkari, Geld, and Phosna are my own shoddy artwork. All the rest of the art is a placeholder that gets the general idea across.

Tangent Space Races PDF

Races Example.png

Art Attempt: Elkari

This is my attempt at drawing a female Elkari. I know it’s more than a little rough, but at least this gives the general idea of what they look like. The Elkari evolved from hoofed mammalian herbivores. Their bodies are covered in fine lightly-colored fur. They have hooves, and their fingernails are very hoof-like in thickness and color. Their large eyes are highly reflective and emit a faint psionic glow. Their heads are framed by a translucent psionic crest, with each individual Elkari having a unique crest pattern. Elkari are smaller than Humans, ranging from 1.2 to 1.5 meters in height.

Elkari Concept.png

Specializations: Version 2

I finally completed the revisions on the character specializations! Here are all 30 of the specs in Tangent Space. A specialization serves to offer special abilities to characters beyond the default actions anyone can perform. Each specialization uses one of four resource types in order to perform actions: Focus, Power, Combo, or Riposte. Specs have an innate ability and four additional abilities that can be acquired by characters and upgraded through bronze, silver, and gold versions. Most characters will have two specializations, though character creation offers options to start with a third. It is also possible to acquire new specializations throughout the course of the game. These versions should be even more fun to mix and match than before!

As usual, the images are only placeholders and do not represent the art style of the Tangent Space final product. This is probably not the final revision specializations will go through, but I’m quite happy with how they turned out so far. I’ve also provided a PDF version for those that want to browse through them all in a single file. I would love to hear feedback on these or any other part of the project!

PDF – Tangent Space Specializations